CNTE Residential energy storage battery obtained UL 1973 certification

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CNTE Residential energy storage battery obtained UL 1973 certification

Recently, YOSHOPO residential energy storage battery passed the tests stipulated in the UL 1973:2018 standard and obtained the certification certificate.

UL 1973 is a North American-Canadian national energy storage battery system safety standard, is currently internationally recognized as one of the most authoritative and widely accepted battery safety standards, mainly covering fixed, vehicle auxiliary power supply, LER, photovoltaic, wind energy, backup power supply, communication base station used in various battery systems, and includes structural evaluation and test evaluation of energy storage systems.

YOSHOPO residential energy storage battery has passed a series of rigorous, complex and long-term tests in UL 1973:2018, including material resistance test, vibration test, high temperature test, drop test and short circuit test after 90 days of charging and discharging the product.


The successful passage of the test and the certification certificate shows that the safety of YOSHOPO residential energy storage electric box products in the design, operation and manufacture has reached international standards.


Previously, YOSHOPO residential energy storage battery has successfully obtained UN 38.3, FCC Part-15B, EN 61000-6-1/3, IEC 62619, UL&IEC 6-730-1 functional safety report and other certifications. Recently, it obtained the "UL 1973" certification, which further improved the international certification of the product and laid an important foundation for expanding the North American and European markets.


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