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  • Q Can this product be taken on the flight?

  • Q How to store this product?

    Please turn off the power of this product first,then store it in a dry and cool place. Do not place it near water source or heat source.For a long time store,please discharge the battery to 30%,then charge to 60% each three months to extend battery life. Please charge the product to 100% before reuse.
  • Q How to clean this product?

    Please wipe this product with a dry,soft and clean cloth or paper towel.
  • Q How to know the product is on charging?

    When the product is on charging,the battery power indicator on the LCD screen starts rotation and displays the input power.
  • Q How to know the remaining working time of the product?

    The LCD screen of this product can display the remaining power,which can be estimated the corresponding remaining time for the appliances with stable power consumption.
  • Q What electrical appliances can be supported for AC output socket?

    The rated power of the AC output socket is 3000W and the peak power is 6000W.lt can supply power to most of household appliances. However, please confirm the total power of the electrical appliances is less than the rated power.
  • Q What type of battery is used for this product?

    This product adopts lithium iron phosphate battery.


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