Congrats! CNTE won the MUSE Design Gold Award!

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Congrats! CNTE won the MUSE Design Gold Award!

Known as the "Oscars of industrial design", The MUSE Design Awards officially announced the winners, and the YOSHOPO smart home storage system independently developed by CNTE won the 2022 MUSE Design Gold Award.

The American Muse Design Award is one of the most influential international awards in the global creative field under the International Awards Associate, known for its strict evaluation system and high-quality judging standards.


CNTE YOSHOPO intelligent residential energy storage system is suitable for home and light commercial scenarios, and the product design integrates advanced energy storage technology and industrial design aesthetics.

In terms of safety, equipped with the lithium iron phosphate battery, the product has a stable olivine structure, adopts a safe and reliable winding process, a comprehensive aluminum shell welding process and an explosion-proof valve design. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, the capacity of the single battery is increased by more than 4 times, the power supply efficiency is increased by 20%, and the cycle life is increased by 10 times, which has the characteristics of safety, reliability and long life.

In terms of functionality, the modular design of the product allows users to choose to add or reduce energy storage units according to their needs. The split structure allows the energy storage system to be compatible with various photovoltaic systems and hybrid inverters on the market. In addition, the product is also equipped with an intelligent application, users can use the APP to perform real-time remote monitoring of the operation of the product.


In terms of aesthetics, the product perfectly integrates the battery system, and its minimalist appearance can be easily and harmoniously integrated into various styles of modern home decoration.


In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, when used in conjunction with the home photovoltaic power generation system, the YOSHOPO smart home storage system can comprehensively improve the utilization rate of household clean energy and become a flexible, environmentally friendly and intelligent home green energy solution.


CNTE will adhere to technological innovation and provide multi-scenario lithium battery energy storage solutions to help achieve the "dual carbon" goal.


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